Although Lexi Peto is a Northern Virginia girl, nothing has stopped her from making her way to Nashville, TN to pursue her dreams. She is a contemporary Christian artist and songwriter.


Lexi has pursued music from a young age. Her mom was one of her biggest supporters, but after her unexpected passing Lexi’s stepfather and father came together in support of her dreams. She later released her first album to the country market, “Where I Belong” in dedication to her mom.  


At age sixteen she moved to Nashville with her stepfather. There she released a country EP, Sunburn with Blue Bandana Records which remains available on music services.


In 2017, she began attending Belmont University. There, God put the mission of Christian music on her heart. In addition to her love of music, she discovered her passion for children's ministry. Soon she began using her love for music to build her ministry with kids. Today her music is suitable for all ages, but especially geared towards children. Lexi's first single in the Christian market "Worthy" is currently in use with children's ministries from various churches around the US, including Australia.

Her music has also earned her numerous awards and acknowledgments. She won the first Young Artist Grand Prize in the 2015 Bernard/Ebb awards for “Where and I Belong,” and an honorable mention in the 31st Mid-Atlantic Song Contest (MASC) as well as in the annual NSAI song competition for her song “Rest of Them.” Recently, "Worthy," has been awarded 1rst place in's 1rst quarter contest. Which put's Lexi in the running for Songwriter of the Year. 

If you are a children's pastor in need of dance motion videos for "Worthy" or other songs, you can contact Lexi directly

“Peto is not only an exceptional singer, but her lyrics and songwriting capabilities surpass that of most adults.”
                                                             - Fauquier Times & Prince                                              William Times